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To sign up

  1. Use the button below to sign up for each day you wish to attend. You will be taken to our Signup Schedule page.

  2. Arrange payment as per Terms and Conditions below.

  3. Set a reminder for any remaining payment to be sent prior to 21 days before the course


Winchester courses

£100 per day. Individual days available. 50 percent deposit for each day attending required on sign up.


Other courses

Follow instructions on Signup Schedule

Terms and conditions

  • On signing up you agree to arrange an immediate non-refundable deposit payment of 50 percent per day attending. You are welcome to pay the full amount in which case the difference between this and the daily deposit will be refundable up to 21 days before the course.

  • Bank transfer is preferred. Bank details remain unchanged and will be provided on request.

  • Alternatively cheques can be made payable to Lynton Atkinson and sent to the address below.


Important - Please Note: 

  • In ALL cases full payment must be received 21 days before the course, and is sadly non-refundable after that date, unless the course is cancelled, in which case all monies including the deposit will be refunded. Regrettably there can be no exceptions to the conditions above, as I must commit to my venue as well as engaging tutors, accompanists etc


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