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WSSC Zoom group session clips


Passionate about inspiring others

Founded by course director Lynton Atkinson in 2011, WSSC has provided over 25 acclaimed courses, as well as plentiful Zoom group sessions such as in the clip above!

Zoom group sessions

Begun as a response to Covid-19 Lockdown, these 1 hour 40 minute sessions have become a popular choice in their own right, enabling singers to come together wherever they are around the globe! Sessions, which can be themed (such as Lieder or Opera) include up to 5 singers with 1 or more tutors. Each singer performs one item of their choice, named in advance, which is the basis for work and feedback.

Winchester courses


A typical course day consists of 4 sessions in groups of up 5 singers with one tutor. A feature of the course is the number of highly skilled accompanists on hand. Carefully prepared individual timetables ensure rotation of singer, tutor and venue, giving frequent performance opportunities. Each day concludes with an informal concert in which anyone who wishes can perform and to which guests are warmly invited.

Smaller Bournemouth courses

These will be held at Lowther Road in Bournemouth, which is a 10 minute walk from Bournemouth Station, providing a more frequent and intimate experience for up to 10 singers. Themed days will be offered offering the opportunity for a deeper exploration of stylistic and language issues. The structure of the day will be more flexible, responding to the needs of the singers. 

Lunch will be provided as an optional extra.


There is no competitive element in the course whatsoever. Individuals, whether tutors or singers, attend in order to learn, to progress on their own journey, and to help each other. The result is a wonderfully supportive atmosphere which depends on and easily accommodates a very wide range of age and ability. You will work together with sixth-form, university and music college students, as well as people of all ages and walks of life, all supporting each other with their mutual love of music and passion for singing.


Course venues

  • Winchester College Music School, with its two recital spaces and plentiful medium-sized rooms each with a grand piano, is comfortable, attractive and conducive to the atmosphere we create.

  • Lowther Road is the home of Lynton and Joy, within excellent road and rail connections. The attractive rooms have high ceilings and comfortable seating. 


Timings and refreshments

We start work at 10 am, the final activity being the informal concert finishing either side of 6pm. Coffee and tea are provided, and you are welcome to bring a packed lunch. Lunch is available at Lowther Road only, as an extra option.


It is up to you whether you wish to work at fewer items repeatedly or more items to get through plenty of repertoire. If you can sing at least some of your items by heart, there will be more workshop activities open to you. You should have quite a few (hopefully 4-5) opportunities to sing each day.

Please dress for comfort, and preferably bring layers to enable you to cope with as wide a range of temperature and activity/inactivity as possible!

Your well-being
There may be some movement activities. Singers take responsibility for their own continued well-being, and judge for themselves whether a particular activity is viable or not.

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